Psychotherapy is a way to take care of your mental health, just as you engage in caring for other aspects of your life. People are multi-faceted, and taking care of your body, soul, and mind increase life satisfaction, ability to cope, overall well-being, and healthy relationships with others. Your life is full of events that are infused with emotion, both good and bad. Most people have a difficult time dealing with negative emotions and events. Psychotherapy provides a place for you to process the good and bad events that happen to you. You learn positive coping skills and focus energy and attention on what you believe matters most to you. It gives you a way to increase change and control in your life with a professional who facilitates the process.


This is a multi-specialty practice with a variety of providers treating children, adolescents, and adults with many clinical presentations. Dr. Gibbons treats mostly older children, adolescents, and adults with diagnoses including, but not limited to, Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, Anxiety, and Depressive Disorders, Disruptive Behavior Disorders, and other educational, occupational, and social concerns. In addition, Dr. Gibbons sees many individuals who simply desire to improve the quality of their lives through personal growth.

Treatment Specializations Include:
Diagnostic Evaluations
Individual Psychotherapy
Family Therapy
Group Therapy
Parent Training and Parenting Classes
Psycho-educational Testing
Psychological Testing
School Consultation


Contrary to popular belief, Sport Psychology is not just for the serious or professional athlete!  It can be extremely beneficial to all levels of activity from the recreational and weekend athlete to the professional.

Sport Psychology is the application of psychological and mental principles to facilitate and enhance an athlete's performance. The main purpose of such services is to teach mental strategies that either reinforce the practices of successful athletes or assist those who are struggling with an aspect of their performance. As a sport psychology consultant, Dr. Gibbons works with many high schools, collegiate, and professional athletes to help them reach their fullest potential. Many of Dr. Gibbons' clients have set personal bests, ended a long-term "slump," and reached personal goals. Gibbons Performance Consulting is designed to provide these services in a professional, dedicated, and efficient manner to achieve consistently successful performances for their clients.

Whether you are an entry-level employee or a seasoned veteran, productivity in today’s corporate world remains both a prerequisite and a priority.  To be successful in the corporate arena, one must possess many of the same characteristics great athletes use to perform in front of thousands of people. Dr. Matt Gibbons has adapted his experiences in working with high school,  and college athletes and built a program to teach the corporate world how to “get out of their own way” to create consistency, maximize efficiency, and ultimately improve the bottom line.  Based on his own "Ph.I.R.E." methodology, participants will learn how to incorporate their own life's "philosophy" on an everyday basis.  No matter what skills you are working to improve, or the platform on which it is attempted, mental strategies can help you soar past the opposition, even if you are competing for your own personal goals!

Treatment Specialization Include:
Goal Setting
Competitive Drive
Anxiety Management
Anger Management
Psychology of Athletic Injuries
Attention and Concentration
Neurophysiology of Arousal
Mental Imagery


Group consultation involves a process of getting your team members to work together like a well-oiled machine. If your corporate or athletic team is not functioning the way that it needs to, or if you just can't seem to gain the edge over the competition, it may benefit from services through Gibbons Performance Consulting.  By helping each individual recognize that they are an essential aspect that is crucial to the teams functioning, they will be better be prepared to face the completion.  Often there are underlying aspects that can often go overlooked, that have a direct impact on the team's performance.  By employing the process of group work and team-building skills, your organization will gain an added advantage over the competition.  The added advantage of consultation through Gibbons Performance Consulting is that there is the option to conduct the assessment in the office, field, arena, or location that you choose, revealing the "true nature" of what is taking place between team members.